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Paul Hoffman
President of Sapient Focus, past CEO of two VC-backed startups (one in thermal management and one in antennas for mobile devices). Raised more than $40 million in VC funding. Has managed business units and R&D in multi-national companies. Created Sales, Design Centers and Operations teams globally. Won world-class customers (such as Intel, Infineon, GM, Samsung, BAE) in consumer, commercial and military markets through technology and product strength, sales and marketing savvy, and operational excellence.
Sapient Focus, Incorporated
Mike Gaynor
RF guru having worked from the IC, to module, to system level. A leader in the creation and explosive growth of RF SiP (System in Package) technology for mobile phones. Author of System in Package: RF Design and Applications. Experienced antenna designer. Has worked for multiple startup companies as well as multi-nationals.